Scouting Events

Climbing requires a combination of tenacity, problem-solving, perseverance and practice. Our scout programs promote the development of these skills in a unique and challenging way without skimping on fun!  

Scouting Events

  • Come in and get acquainted with climbing. We hold the rope and your group enjoys the excitement of climbing with little commitment and loads of fun.
  • Reserve a 2-hour block of time with our program staff belayers. No experience or minimum age required; includes harness.
  • Offered during normal open hours. Advanced registration required.

Overnight Lock-ins

  • Take over our facility for an entire night! You will have full access to our facility from 10 PM8 AM.
  • We provide a belay class and instructors stay to help throughout the event. Entertainment options include rock climbing, games and movies.
  • No experience necessary. Minimum of 15 participants and deposit required to book. Book Here

Merit Badge Classes

  • Our merit badge counselors will teach your scouts all the skills necessary to earn their badge.
  • Our merit badge curriculum is based on BSA badge requirements but can be adapted to meet other organization’s requirements with advanced consent and preparation.
  • Advanced booking required with a 6 person minimum; includes 2 sessions with 2 hours of instruction and equipment. Contact Carrie to book your class.
  • Participants must be at least 13.

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