Movement Classes

Movement Workshop

This three-part class is for climbers of all abilities. Learn basic, intermediate and advanced physical and mental techniques for climbing, with plenty of opportunity to practice under the skilled eye of your instructor. All instruction and practice will take place in one of our bouldering areas. This enables our instructors to provide feedback and suggestions while you’re climbing, without having to yell at you from 40 feet away!


Learn how to appropriately use all parts of your foot
Use less energy while climbing
Learn to move fluidly on the wall
Gain experience reading routes and looking ahead
Maintain balance and feel more connected while climbing
Learn drop knees, heel hooks, toe hooks and other funk

Duration: 3 days, 1.5 hours per day, 2 person minimum
Offering: 2nd Wednesday of the month
Time: 6:308 PM
Cost: $30 members,  $60 non-members
Location: 6513 Kingsmill Court, Columbus, OH 43229
Includes: Instruction, necessary equipment and a day pass to the gym

Information and booking click here.

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